Pinball 42

pinball42 mit spiele 230px PINBALL 42. Virtual realityät.
The sensational entertainment machine
captures the market.

  • 5 thrilling bestseller games in one machine
  • Conveys the real, original pinball feeling
  • Integrated camera for photos of high score players
  • High score storage
  • Bombastic super sound system
  • Easy to be understood, challenging to play
  • 42“ monitor in high resolution quality
  • Super realistic display in brilliant colours
  • No wearing parts, no repairs.

Purchase, hire-purchase or leasing. As you want.

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Video: This is Pinball 42.


Video: Pinball 42 - Game LUCKY FIRE


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Video: Pinball 42 - Game ARMAGEDDON


Video: Pinball 42 - Game KNIGHTS TEMPLAR


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