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Very strong, knurled Tungsten barrel with filigree milling and ring depression. A successful combination.
The raised naps are refined with a Gold/Titanium coating.
EMPIRE Dart-Set dart »Vertex Special«
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EMPIRE Flight-Set - extra strong,
Polyester extra strong.
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dart Gary Anderson

In our assortment!
The darts of PDC World Champion 2015 and 2016 Gary Anderson

This arrow was played by PDC world champion Gary Anderson during the tournament 2016.
Original steel dart set World Champion Gary Anderson
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garyanderson 160x230

Original Flight-Set Gary Anderson
Polyester extra strong.
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Original Flight-Set „The Flying Scotsman” nickname of Gary Anderson
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dart fleecy grip en

The intelligent grip system.

The problem.
Highest concentration, tension, stress, excessive room temperature.

The result.
Sweaty hands and fingers. No one-hundred percent secure grip of the barrel between the fingers.

The solution.
By the patented FleecyGrip technique EMPIRE Dart barrels are exclusively coated with a velvety soft fiber sheathing. The capillary action resulting from this leads the sweat off the fingers and allows a considerably more antislip grip of the dart. FleecyGrip is aerodynamically convenient. No change of the flight characteristics. FleecyGrip feels pleasantly soft and increases the arrow weight by 0.1 grams only.

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EMPIRE Dart-Set »FG 02«
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EMPIRE Barrel-Set »FG 03«
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